Our Goals

One of our key goals is to make sure that all of our clients are happy, and we promise to do this by applying the highest standards of quality control, offering services with professionalism, and using our expertise.

Some Words About Us

Al-Dhabi Delivery

AlDhabi for delivery service, one if the leading companies in the field of delivering refrigerated products and gifts, we deliver orders in all regions in UAE in the same day, we’re specialized in delivering refrigerated products like Food and desserts, we also receive the goods from the merchants and deliver them to the customers on the same day.

We cover the gifts that we deliver in order to protect it from any damage.

We can deliver all your refrigerated orders to any region in the UAE as we own modern refrigerated vans that suits all your needs, every order delivered in it’s suitable van.

We got friendly employees that always work on your satisfaction and respect your privacy from the moment of receiving the order until delivering it.

“Speed, care, honesty, credibility” is our motto

Call us, and we will arrive instantly
Our working hours “from 9 am to 10 pm”


Our Vision

To be the pioneers in providing delivery services, specially refrigerated delivery services

To take good care of our customers, our employees and our partners


Our Message

Your evaluation of the service and your happiness with it help us fulfil our objective to offer the greatest services at the best pricing.

Our Value


Achieved through defect prevention and by permanently adhering to and meeting the needs and expectations of the client.


Our success in working with our customers depends on our commitment to our work, which also builds their trust in us.


Trust is the most important aspect in determining how well our interactions with our consumers turn out. Trust enables honest communication, independence, respect for one another, and efficient cooperation.